Finding Strength In Numbers


Piercing through the collective pain and unprecedented tragedy that Typhoon Haiyan has wrought on our country, shines a small but sturdy beacon of light.  It is the glow of solidarity born from a cause so great, it is recognized by all to be greater than any person’s ambition, any group’s agenda, or any nation’s dysfunction.

Previous to the storm, was a country torn from the inside due to a burgeoning social consciousness against the corrupt status quo.  And afterward, while there will never be complete peace in the midst of a million-fold opinions on what-could-have-been, should-have-done, or what-could-be, the biggest and most powerful storm in history has calmly brought us all together as one.

There is strength in numbers, when united. As such, it is our hope that our network, and others like it, will continue beyond this unifying event to do the work of bringing together our many disparate efforts.  Or, to simply inspire others to come together in order to serve a common good. We should not need to be reminded so strongly ever again, that when cohesive we are not only empowered to overcome the worst of tragedies, but we are very well positioned to achieve even the loftiest of goals.

Radi Calalang
Philippine Aid Network

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