Typhoon Haiyan: Blue Can Water


According to recent UN estimates, 2.5 million people are currently in need of food assistance after Super Typhoon Haiyan displaced millions of people and destroyed critical infrastructure including municipal water and filtration systems.

Current relief efforts have been transporting and distributing water in plastic bottle packaging.  Blue Can Water, a US-based start up creating a clean alternative to plastic bottles has opened up its warehouse inventory of emergency canned water stores to help the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.  In addition to delivering clean water to those most in need, utilizing canned water would:

  • Provide resistance to spoilage and an extended shelf life many times greater than plastic bottle storage systems
  • Protect life saving water from toxic particles such as phthalates that are leached by plastic bottles when exposed to heat, especially under the equatorial sun
  • Preserve the pristine corals & ecosystems of the Philippines from plastic bottle pollution
  • Provide recycling income to survivors

About Blue Can

Blue Can prepares water districts, state and city emergency departments, companies, schools, and individuals for disaster readiness by storing emergency water before a disaster occurs. The sustainability vision is to put a dent in the 63.4 billion plastic bottles dumped into landfills and oceans annually.


Our delivery partners ship this water to the Philippines to be distributed by the Red Cross & The Sisters of Mary of Cebu, of which 40% of the 12,000 students from the poorest areas of the Philippines such as the Tondo, are from the devastated areas. The sisters will coordinate the students efforts for disaster relief to their country. We are also working with Bundles of Joy and Letters of Hope, a grassroots project set up by former UN employees who has already delivered supplies to many those not covered by larger international organizations.

First 5,000 Cans Shipped Nov 14

We have delivered the first shipment of cans to our partners at LBC Express Inc.

But millions of Filipinos are currently on the edge of survival.  The need for water is at critical levels and we aim to send more of our emergency water ASAP.  With your help purchasing cans and their delivery AT COST we can send over 50,000 cans of life saving water immediately.

Your gift of water can save priceless lives

One person needs at least 24 cans of water a week to survive.

  • $5 gift. Thanks for your help, it all adds up.
  • $15 gift sends 24 cans.
  • $30 gift sends 48 cans.
  • $100 gift sends 196 cans.
  • $500 gift sends 1,000 cans.
  • $1,000 gift sends 2,000 cans.
  • $2,500 gift sends 5,000 cans.
  • $5,000 gift sends 10,000 cans.

The $15,000 Goal sends 30,000 cans from you.


With the 12,560 cans we have already sent, that is a total of 42,560 blue cans of sustainable drinking water

  • Each additional $5,000 over the goal sends an additional 10,000 cans. Think of the impact we can make!
  • These funds cover the cost of production, shipment, and distribution–Blue Can is not making a profit, but instead moving resources to where they are most needed.
  • Since your gift goes through a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we will send you a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution.

Your generosity is crucial to those coping with the disaster, where water is scarce and lines for basic necessities are long.

Other Ways You Can Help

Stay tuned on our next wave of efforts to invest in rebuilding critical infrastructure. In the meanwhile, pass the word along to others who can share in our vision of sustainable disaster relief:

  • Post on your Facebook to engage your friends
  • Tweet to your network about the story
  • Email Us if you have any questions, send messages to your contacts
  • Get the word out, help people a world away!

Thank you for your generosity!


Note: US Tax Deductible Donations: 
All donors will receive a receipt.  All donations are eligible for tax exemption.  Our 501(c)(3) non-profit fund custodian:
Science & Technology Advisory Council
TAX (ID 94-3161336), 
447 Sutter Street, Suite 518, 
San Francisco, CA 94108

The Science & Technology Advisory Council (STAC) is a partner of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Trade & Industry and the Department of Science & Technology in helping develop a startup ecosystem and promote technology entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

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